Confidentiality Commitment and Security

These information that we demand while you subscribe to mail bulletin, may be used to inform you about innovations and activities relevant to your field of interests and to develop the site in accordance with your preferences. Sharing this information with us shall be conducted by your request and permission. Collected data are kept in secure in the database of our company. This information to be shared with us by your attestation shall not be shared by any other person or company. If demanded, you can cancel your bulletin subscription. Your e-mail address that you provide for all these aforementioned processes and for contacting you, should be a valid address.

Our company requests some of your personal information (name, age, field of interests, e-mail, etc.) from you through some forms in order to provide better services to you as users. This information (in seasonal promotions, variety of campaigns, building special promotion activities for user profiles and customer/user profile “categorization” for not sending unrequested e-mails) collected securely in our company’s computers is used only within our company. Our company never share, use for commercial reasons other than its own activity and sell some of the information collected from the subscription forms unless the user in question is informed or he/she demands otherwise.

It is enough to click the link below the e-mail or to send an e-mail titled I want to cancel my subscription through the page in order to cancel e-mail news bulletin.